Low Carb Recipes and Food Swaps

If you’re battling with weight loss, or just looking for recipes lower in carbohydrates, this post is for you! I’ve gathered together some great low carb recipes, as well as some easy food swaps, that would be worth trying if you are interested!

One of the easiest ways to lower the caloric contribution of the carbohydrates that you consume is to swap out higher carb foods for lower carb substitutes. If you often have sweet or fruit flavoured yogurt, try changing it for greek yogurt, which you can sweeten yourself with honey. This way you control the amount of carbs in the yogurt, and there are much less additives and ingredients to worry about. A recent trend is to swap out the buns/bread on sandwiches or burgers to lettuce leaves instead. This still holds your food together, but provide about 0.5g of carbs, and if you’re not too sure on this one, ditch the bun altogether and have a deconstructed burger! Cauliflower rice is much lower in carbs than regular rice, and full of great vitamins, and homemade mayo/sauces/marinates are always better alternatives than their store bought counterparts. Many people also find success in replacing sugar with stevia, and fruit juice with flavoured water.

Recipe wise, have a look at the following and see if you’d like to implement any into your weekly diet!

Cauliflower Garlic Bread

Salmon with Veggie Chips

Chia, Almond and Cacao Balls

Low Carb Pancakes

Vegetarian Zucchini Lasagna

Vegan Shepherds Pie

Hopefully this post has helped you if you are looking into lower carbohydrate meal options, but let me know either way! Happy cooking!



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