Dr Floyd Gomes – Life Coaching


As a GP, I’ve always wanted to help my patients change their lives. Yet, lots of the “advice” I ever gave people was really not cared about – that’s the practical truth.  I wasn’t happy with this situation and so I concentrated my efforts on understanding what is it that motivates people to make change?  And, most importantly, as a physician, how can I best motivate my patients?

Then I started to look into life coaching.  The basic facts are that life coaches spend their entire time crafting themselves into sharp tools to help motivate individuals.  I wanted to infuse some of this potency into my practice as a GP.  I wanted to know that my day was having an impact.

So now, as a GP I use the tools I have learnt, and continue to learn as a life coach.  And, as a life coach, having a medical background and being a GP, I’ve been dealing with people and their individual challenges and battles my whole career for many years now.

Basically – if you want me to be your life coach.  Let me know.  I can do that.  However, don’t expect much “advice” from me.  Because me dispensing my “advice” to you – will likely deliver little impact on your dreams.  However, let me help YOU define YOUR goals, and help you to see the truth – that you are ABLE to do anything, provided you are WILLING.  It’s my job, to help you become more WILLING!

I can help you with your health, sure, and give you scientific advice even.  However, again, when it comes to your GOALS whether they be fitness related or otherwise – I’m here to let YOU define those and discover YOUR power within.