Carrum Street Art Project – ‘Normie’



Carrum 3197 is an iconic town in Melbourne.  It’s been there for a LONG time, and has a raw blood that runs through it.  It’s a real place, with real people.  People who have time for each other and get to know their neighbours.  Normie is one of those people.  He’s a local through and through.  A member of the Carrum Fire Brigade for 73 years and a supporter and legend of the local football club.  Normie loves Carrum, and Carrum loves Normie.

As a Doctor in the town, I sense the vibe, and I reckon it’s time to celebrate Normie and keep him as part of Carrum forever.   So, I have organised a rather notorious/famous street artist, “Heesco” out of North Melbourne, to create a mural of Normie on the northern wall  of another iconic Carrum landmark – ‘3 Steps Milkbar’, now run by my company, Atticus Health, as ‘3 Steps Gym’.

Normie, your contribution to Carrum, as a local who “gave a damn” about the town he lived in and someone who has a heart bigger than life – we’ll always remember.
In fact, I hope that celebrating you Normie, will help us all remember just how much elders have actually contributed over the years to the fabric of local communities and in that, be a mural recognising and supporting our broader elder population.

The mural of Normie at 3 Steps Gym will be approxmiately 4 x 4 metres and cost $4,500.  Atticus Health will be contributing $500 to the project, and I’m hoping to raise the remaining $4,000 from this campaign.  The Artist, “Heesco” is due to start work on Monday 22nd May, because this will allow us to get it done before winter and the rain sets in.   So, there’s a bit of urgency about raising the $4,000.

Here’s a sample of some work from Heesco…

Please support the Carrum Street Art Project – Normie – and in doing so, help recognise Normie along with all the treasured elders of our local communities.

Donate online at  Or donate in person at Atticus Health, 505a Station Street, Carrum.  Phone 9773 3333

Thank you very much for your help 🙂  Floyd


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