Addressing Back Pain

Back Pain

What a common problem.  We see so many patients with back pain that at Atticus we’re designing a program to really help people get going again – without resorting to heavy drugs.  We have now reached the fortunate position to have a psychologist, dietitian, physiotherapist and exercise physiologists with gym facilities in Hastings and Carrum. All of these people can have a role, working with your GP to really help your back get better.  In the coming weeks, look out for our special back pain program to be launched, and if you or someone you know struggles with back pain, make an appointment to see your GP at Atticus, who will be able to link you into our back pain program.

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    • Elaine H
      July 3, 2017

      This is great news. It cannot be denied how debilitating back pain can be, not to mention how expensive the medicines can get.


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