40+ Health Assessment for January 2017

In the month of January, to get you off to a great start for 2017, we’ll be offering all patients over the age of 40 years old, a bulk billed health assessment.  This will involve seeing a practice nurse for 15 minutes, then progressing to seeing one of our Doctors.  Get to your best health!

To make an appointment, please call your local clinic.  For all contact details go to



Blood Pressure and Glucose monitoring

On a related note, if you have or are concerned about your blood pressure or blood sugar level, to help with monitoring, you could benefit from using a blood pressure monitor or glucometer that loads all your readings directly to your mobile phone.  Those readings can then be directly sent to your Doctor at Atticus via email for recording in your medical file.  Having a more readings can lead to more accurate assessment and treatment.  We now have a few products which help improve communication with your Doctor this way.  You can find these products here


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